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Your Credit Score! Ask about our warranty!

Most traditional credit repair companies are all in the same dinosaur business model of charging you monthly fees for 12-24 months to give you little to No results!

At 60 Day Credit Repair we understand that you want results and you want them as quick as possible! Our process is going to get you real results 6-12x faster than a traditional credit repair company through our proprietary process! And best of all RESULTS.

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60 Day Credit Repair has improved my standard of living!

I started the process in November with bad credit in the 520 range. No joke, by the following January I was pulling my very first new car off the lot! Up until this point I dealt with cash because my credit was so bad that I couldn’t get approved for anything without having a co-signer. My Life was used cars that barley worked, little to no cash on hand, and stuck in a rut. Life was tough! It’s been a year now since I went through the process and life has only gotten better! By not getting charged outrageous interest rates I am able to put more money in my pocket and overall have more confidence in my finances, but more importantly MYSELF! Worth every penny! I can’t thank you enough 60 Day Credit Repair!

Braden Fox

My name is Miranda, last year in October I decided it was time to fix my credit.

I was just notified that my current rental property was being sold and I needed to move out, My credit score was a 505 and I had about 38 separate collections on my credit report and my future was not looking too bright. I was introduced to “60 Day Credit Repair” by a friend and decided this would be the fastest option for me so I took a chance, I was amazed at my results!! Within the first 30 days my credit score jumped 100 points, after 45 days I met with a lender and received the OK to start looking at houses to buy. By the time I hit my 60 days all 38 collections were removed from my credit report not to mention from October 28th to Jan 1st my credit went from a 505 to a 750, I put a offer in on my first home in January and closed on my home March 12th. I also was able to get a credit card and a line of credit through m bank which goes a long way for a single mom. I am able to live comfortably now and guarantee my babies have a roof over there head and everything they need, 60 Day credit Repair changed my life and I’m forever grateful! I recommend them all day long!

Miranda Pearson

E60 day credit repair has changed our lives forever!

We worked with Colter who helped us tremendously and was there for us every step of the way! With the help of 60 day credit repair we were able to remove fraudulent accounts that had been opened without our knowledge, learn how to properly secure our accounts, credit scores and identities and rebuild our credit scores by more than 125 points in under 60 days! Thanks to Colter and 60 day credit repair we were able to rebuild our scores and obtain a new family vehicle, rebuild our home and live better! Going to 60 day credit repair has been the absolute best decision we ever made! We highly recommend them to absolutely everyone looking for any and all accounting needs!

Jasen Workmen

60 day credit repair helped me remove a foreclosure from my credit that was not mine in under 45 days.

Brett Baron

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